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The mission of happy baby is build community and create a safe, nurturing space for families. Through yoga, fitness, music, and dance classes — in addition to educational prenatal + parenting workshops, as well as supportive baby + toddler groups — we help parents raise happy, healthy children, while caring for their own body + mind. Services for pregnancy through preschool, as well as kids + adults.

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meet erin

Business/intellectual property attorney turned family wellness entrepreneur.  After nearly 8 years of private practice in LA, I was ready for a professional change.  


We named our studio happy baby because raising your children to be happy is kind of the universal plan for every parent. The only thing that could even come close to ousting happy is healthy. They’re sort of wishes one and two for every genie in every bottle for every mom and dad. And, while we might be short on magical wishes we are long on real life solutions and we know that movement, mindfulness and music are the best we’ve got to get us close to those goals…