about the studio

We named our studio happy baby because raising your children to be happy is kind of the universal plan for every parent. The only thing that could even come close to ousting happy is healthy. They’re sort of wishes one and two for every genie in every bottle for every mom and dad. And, while we might be short on magical wishes we are long on real life solutions and we know that movement, mindfulness and music are the best we’ve got to get us close to those goals. Research shows us, kids (and parents too) who are given these tools in their toolkit do better in school and at home and enhances how we then show up for all aspects of our lives.

So, we set up shop in downtown El Segundo at the corner of Mindfulness and Movement (on a map, you’ll need to look for Main Street and Holly Ave, but you get the idea) and invited families of all shapes and sizes to join us in building out their family wellness plans. Relying on the community-building practices of Erin Fagerlind, and the kids, prenatal and community yoga experience of yoga instructor, Jules Hogan-Sahay, our two owners — both devoted mamas and long time yogis — we at happy baby are setting intentions daily for your entire family’s well-being. We know that in world of go, go, go a message of just breathe is a welcome one for every family. It’s a measure that goes well beyond the four walls of happy baby and reaches out into the world beyond.

So, join us in our personal goal and greatest honor - building, for you and yours, what might be your most important action plan yet, wellness in every way in every day.

Our hope is that you come, stay awhile and leave feeling full of love and support.  

background music ("jolie maman") performed by natalie azerad rutkin (www.natalierutkinmusic.com).