In addition to classes, workshops, and other parenting resourceshappy baby offers weekly support groups for MOMS, including stay-at-home moms as well as working moms, as well as mindful parenting toddler groups . These groups are a nice way to socialize and build your mama tribe, while receiving education, resources + support from our facilitators.  As your baby grows + develops … so do our groups, enabling families to continue benefitting from this valuable resource through the toddler years! A DADDY group (“The Breakfast Club”) + other specialty groups (e.g. “Yoga Tots Pre Preschool Play Group”) are offered as well.

baby groups

Come be yourself, be honest about the trials and tribulations that parents often face, and get helpful support and feedback from the group and facilitators, in a safe, non-judgmental space.  Our mama + baby support groups are led by experienced family therapists, or birth and infant specialists.  We also offer a resource + social group, which is geared towards providing first-time mamas with a “survival toolbox” and an opportunity to learn, laugh, and cry together about all things motherhood. These groups are meant to facilitate building the community by allowing moms a space to not only meet one another, but begin to build relationships within the group.  To help create this dynamic, all of our groups require registration for a full session, which is eight (8) weeks; however, half sessions may be available, space permitting, in special situations.  The fee for our baby groups is $290 for the 8-week session + we’re currently limiting group size to 8 mamas (to prioritize everyone’s health + safety).  If you would like additional information about, or would like to register for any of these groups, please email

new mama + baby resource + social group

Wednesdays 11a - 12:30p || 0 - 6 months || Now Enrolling 8 Week Session Starting January 5, 2022

(Groups are meeting INSIDE the studio again; please email if you are interested in a future session)

Our new mama resource + social group is geared towards first-time mothers and their babies to share their experiences of transitioning into motherhood, as well as discuss various issues applicable during the first year. This group is topic-driven and incorporates weekly guest speakers to present various topics that new mama’s want to explore. Topics may include breastfeeding, sleep, infant massage, first foods, marriage after baby, sensory play + social development, and much more.  As the babies become more mobile + aware of one another, interactive play + sensory activities will be incorporated.  

Email if you have questions or need assistance with online registration.

working mama + baby support group

Thursdays 6 - 7:30p || 3 - 9 months || Email INTEREST in Winter/Spring 2022 Sessions (Start Date TBD Pending Enrollment)

Working Mama Support Group.png

The working mama + me support group is designed for all mamas who are/will be transitioning to work outside the home.  This is a safe space you can come and explore all the emotions, concerns, and curiosities motherhood brings, while meeting a group of working mothers who are sharing similar experiences.  Discussion topics will range from those that are applicable (and of interest) to all moms, as well as those that may be more unique to moms juggling baby + career demands.

Email if you have questions or need assistance with online registration. ** Start time is flexible depending on the needs/schedules of each group.

mama + me (again) support group

Wednesdays 9:15 - 10:45am || 0 - 6 months || Now Enrolling 8 Week Session Starting January 5, 2022

Come join Sarah Straton one of our mindful parenting educators, for an informative and supportive group for mothers of two or more. This group is meant to provide a safe space to come and share, get support, gain community and provide answers to all of your questions regarding the transition into mothering more than one child. Topics will include building a healthy foundation for sibling relationships, infant/child development, tools for positive discipline, self-care and much more. 

Email if you have questions or need assistance with online registration.

mindful mama + baby postpartum support group (0 - 6 mos.)

Day/Time TBD || 0 - 6 months || Winter/Spring 2022 Sessions (email

This mama and baby support group is a safe haven to nurture new moms as they enter the magical, mysterious and often crazy-making challenges of motherhood. This class will consciously celebrate the transitions new moms face while learning and sharing within a community. Along with making new friends, there will be plenty of time to share and ask questions as we explore topics such as: infant development and play, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, postpartum identity, natural remedies, self-care, and infant sleep. Mindfulness practices such as gratitude, affirmation, meditations, and fun baby yoga techniques will be gently explored.  Resources for ongoing support, information and consultation will be available. Lactation appointments available before class.

** Your facilitator, Khefri Riley CD, CLEC, CPYT, is a Certified Lactation Education Counselor trained at UC San Diego, birth and postpartum doula, infant care specialist and Certified Prenatal Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

mindful mama + baby parenting support group (6 - 12 mos.)

Thursday 9:15a OR 11a || 6 - 12 months || Now Enrolling 8 Week Session Starting January 6, 2022

This mama and baby support group is offered by our mindful parenting expert, Sarah Straton who has built her career guiding parents on a journey of conscious relationship with their children. The group will include check in, observation and questions - both developmental and any challenges - that are coming up for the mamas. There will be some observation as well as processing what’s going for both babies and mamas as well as some sweet songs that the babies will find to be an anchor to their time in the group. Mindful parenting is grounded in neuroscience and developmental research. It takes the approach that we are in a relationship not only with our child but often with parts of ourselves that only show up in challenging moments with our children. Once we recognize this, combined with some understanding of the developmental age, we can begin to make choices about how we parent that build a secure and trusting relationship with our children.

Email if you have questions or need assistance with online registration.

dad group.png

the breakfast club: dads group

Day/Time TBD || Dads Only || email WITH INTEREST for new session

Dads, we hear you! You’re not alone! We’ve designed "The Breakfast Club" a group specifically for DADS to build community, sharing common experiences and addressing similar challenges. Parenting can seem really isolating, especially in the baby + toddler years. This is when it can feel as though you don’t get a moment to yourself, or else that your kids only want their mom. Facilitated by Certified Parent Educator Sarah Straton, this group provides an opportunity to connect with other dads, discussing topics such as mindful parenting, partnership and work-life balance. You’ll learn strategies for communication (with big and small people), as well as tools to help you stay calm while holding limits respectfully and kindly.

Click HERE or email for all of the details or to enroll. Investment: $250/8 Week Session