Aly's Early Christmas Gift

Introducing Quinn Cora Liang.  Just 6 months into the life of our first daughter, Landry, we found out I was pregnant again!  My first pregnancy and labor went really well, and there were no signs that this pregnancy would be any different.  Three days before I was supposed to go on maternity leave (and 4 and a half weeks before our baby girl was due) we were in full blown Christmas planning.  We were hosting a Christmas party at our house that weekend with over 75 people confirmed and I was so excited to be able to spend the holiday season at home, being able to finally focus solely on Landry without work getting in the way.  Tuesday night, I started having serious cramping.  It didn't feel like contractions (although the first time, it didn't feel like what I thought contractions should feel like), so I just chalked it up to Braxton Hicks.  We went to bed and I googled from my phone to see if I should be worried.  Almost everything I read said cramping was normal, and as long as there was no blood, it should be fine.  I had a doctor's appointment the next morning at 9am, so I was comforted in knowing I could talk with the doctor in the morning.

The next morning, I woke up at our normal time, still feeling cramping, but this time it was accompanied with blood.  We didn't want to take any more time (not knowing how long I'd been bleeding) so we decided to go straight to the hospital.  As it was still a month before my due date, we hadn't made emergency plans for who would watch our daughter when we went to the hospital.  So, we all got in the car, my husband dropped me off at the hospital and then left to take our daughter to day care.  Sure enough, I was 3 centimeters dilated, and although that doesn't necessarily labor is coming, when they checked me an hour later, I was 4 centimeters, which confirmed she was coming!  My husband got back to the hospital with the news that we were going to be coming home with a baby!

The labor progressed pretty quickly and painlessly (I'm a pain wimp and got the epidural the first moment they asked if I wanted it).  My water never broke so they finally broke it when I had been 10 centimeters for awhile.  That was when things got serious.  Her heart rate plummeted and she wasn't doing well in there.  With about 15 people circling me, and my husband told to get out of the way and moved to the wall (much different than my first time with only the nurse, my husband, and finally the doctor) they had to use the vacuum to pull her out.  After 2 attempts, I was given one more attempt to push her out while they started getting me ready to move to the operating room for a c-section.  My doctor yanked and yanked and finally out popped our little girl!  (we joke I didn't push her out as much as she was pulled out)  Since she was so early, there was a chance she was going to be rushed to the NICU, however when they examined her, the only sign she was premature was her weight (and at 5 pounds, 6 ounces, she was still a good size for being that early).  We were able to take her home 2 days later, but did end up back in the hospital for a night due to jaundice. 

She was so perfect and tiny, the most amazing early Christmas present!  With all the blood I was losing, throughout labor and especially during the delivery, they suspected that my placenta had partially detached, which then led to my body going into early labor.  They sent the placenta to pathology where the original assumption was confirmed.  I am so grateful and so amazed that my body knew it was time to get her out as she wasn't getting the nourishment she needed anymore.  She is over 3 months today and at the upper end of the spectrum for both height and weight.  Our sweet Quinn Cora made her own amazing birth story!