chelsea's home birth

Matteo Rothert.  Born 3/9/2016 at 12:37pm in the comfort of my own bed!

My labor began the night before with some mild cramping, nothing major. I was still able to get a great nights rest! When I awoke on 3/8, the New Moon, I started the day with a meditation and prayer that all would go smoothly and quickly!

After an appointment to our midwife, we came home, ate lunch, packed up a bag and made our way to the beach. It was a windy afternoon, but the ocean felt alive, and that was very comforting to me. We labored there for a few hours..walking the oceans edge, rocking on my hands and knees, and leaning over my hubby to counter the increasing sensations I was beginning to feel.

Eventually we came home, ate a late lunch, I had a bath, and then set out to watch the sunset. On our drive home, things got real! Contractions started to pick up!

Once home, my husband filled up our labor pool, lit some candles, started the music and I entered into what I call "laborland"...that trance like state where my breath and my baby were the only things I could focus on to get me through the pain.  Ultimately, we called our Doula, she arrived and helped me to relax into the intensity. My husband and her made such a wonderful team! I don't know what I would have done without either of them.

A circuit of walking, rocking, sitting on the toilet, side lying and moaning took place over the next few hours until our midwife arrived at 6:30am confirming that I was indeed completely dilated!  The excitement of beginning to push took place...unfortunately excitement was soon replaced by disappointment when 4+ hours later I was beyond exhausted and still no baby! I could overhear the midwife and her assistant talking in the other room of perhaps needing to transfer me to the hospital to help get him out with vacuum or epidural to relax me...or even cesarian. This scared me and gave me a sense of determination!

My doula took over at this point and together we worked hard! She used a traditional birthing tool called the "rebozo" and shook my belly for 30+ minutes while I was leaning over a stool to help move the baby (they suspected he was lying on his side), then we headed back to the toilet where I rocked my pelvis like a maniac while she talked me through a relaxation/opening visualization. She got firm with me. Continued to shout "you can do this!" "you know you've got what it takes!" "its time Chelsea, lets meet this baby!" Eventually some primal sounds started coming out of me...moans, groans, and even a few screams. I reached down and could feel that his head was right there! That was the inspiration I needed...I could feel him, right there! 

We headed back to the bed and started pushing with the birth team once again. 30 minutes and an episiotomy later out my baby came! My husband looked down to announce "A BOY..." Which my intuition had been telling me all along! As I looked into my baby's eyes, all the pain and hard work washed away. I was complete. Born into a mother. Forever changed. What a day. What a life. What a miracle.